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Scout: The Ultimate App for Viewing Hidden Instagram Profiles

Scout Instagram APK: How to Download and Use It

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing photos and videos with your followers. But what if you want to see the profiles of other users who are not following you back, or who have private accounts? That's where scout instagram apk comes in handy.

scout instagram apk

Scout instagram apk is an Android app that allows you to display any Instagram profile you want, regardless of their privacy settings. You can also see full HD photos and videos, comments and likes, enlarge profile photo, and save your favorite users. In this article, we will show you how to download and install scout instagram apk on your Android device, and what are the features and benefits of using it.

How to Download and Install Scout Instagram APK on Android Devices

To download and install scout instagram apk on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Allow Unknown Apps on Android Settings

Before you can download apk files from your browser, you need to enable the option to install unknown apps on your Android settings. Here's how:

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  • Go to your device settings and tap Apps & Notifications (or Apps in older versions of Android).

  • Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.

  • Tap Special access.

  • Tap Install unknown apps.

  • Tap Chrome (or whichever web browser you use).

  • Move Allow from this source to the On position.

Step 2: Download Scout Instagram APK from a Reputable Source

Next, you need to find a website that offers the scout instagram apk file for download. You can use APK Mirror, which is a trusted site that hosts many Android apps that are not available on Google Play Store. Here's how:

  • Open your browser and go to .

  • Type "scout instagram" in the search box and hit enter.

  • Select the latest version of the app from the results.

  • Scroll down and tap Download APK.

  • Accept any pop-ups or permissions that appear.

Step 3: Locate and Tap the APK File to Install It

Finally, you need to find the downloaded apk file on your device and install it. Here's how:

  • Open your file explorer app (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) and go to the Downloads folder.

  • Tap the scout instagram apk file.

  • Tap Install at the bottom of the screen.

  • Wait for the installation to finish.

What are the Features and Benefits of Scout Instagram APK

Now that you have installed scout instagram apk on your device, you can enjoy its features and benefits. Here are some of them:

Feature 1: Display Any Instagram Profile You Want

With scout instagram apk, you can view any Instagram profile you want, even if they are not following you back or have a private account. You just need to type and search the name of the person you want to see, and scout will display their profile for you. You can also browse profiles by categories such as popular, new, or nearby.

Feature 2: See Full HD Photos and Videos, Comments and Likes

With scout instagram apk, you can see full HD photos and videos from any Instagram profile, as well as their comments and likes. You can zoom in and out of the photos and videos, and download them to your device if you want. You can also see the number of followers and following of any profile, and their bio and website link.

Feature 3: Enlarge Profile Photo and Save Your Favorite Users

With scout instagram apk, you can enlarge the profile photo of any user by tapping on it, and see it in full screen. You can also save your favorite users by tapping the star icon on their profile, and access them later from the Favorites tab. This way, you can keep track of the profiles you like and visit them again easily.


Scout instagram apk is a great app for anyone who wants to see more of Instagram without any restrictions. You can download and install it on your Android device in a few simple steps, and enjoy its features and benefits. You can display any Instagram profile you want, see full HD photos and videos, comments and likes, enlarge profile photo, and save your favorite users. Scout instagram apk is a must-have app for Instagram lovers who want to explore more of the platform.

If you are interested in trying out scout instagram apk, you can download it from or any other reputable source. Just make sure you allow unknown apps on your Android settings before installing it. And don't forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!


Is scout instagram apk safe to use?

Scout instagram apk is safe to use as long as you download it from a reputable source like APK Mirror. However, you should always be careful when installing unknown apps on your device, as they may contain malware or viruses. You should also avoid logging in to your Instagram account through scout instagram apk, as it may compromise your privacy and security.

Does scout instagram apk require root access?

No, scout instagram apk does not require root access to work. You can install it on any Android device without rooting it.

Does scout instagram apk violate Instagram's terms of service?

Scout instagram apk may violate Instagram's terms of service, as it allows you to access private profiles and download photos and videos without permission. Therefore, you should use it at your own risk and discretion. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from using scout instagram apk.

Can I use scout instagram apk on iOS devices?

No, scout instagram apk is only available for Android devices. There is no iOS version of the app.

Can I update scout instagram apk from Google Play Store?

No, scout instagram apk is not available on Google Play Store. You can only update it from the website where you downloaded it from.


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